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How Hungry Are You?

by Gina Paulhus, Owner of Home Bodies

After working in this industry for many years, I have noticed a tendency to put off training appointments. I completely understand that life gets very hectic. However, it’s crucial that you always demonstrate a true HUNGER to improve your fitness.

I’ll provide an example. One way to demonstrate that you are hungry to improve your fitness is at a time when you find that you need to reschedule a workout. You can demonstrate being hungry to improve by asking to see me SOONER than you would have, rather than by asking to ‘make up’ an appt later on. It would be music to my ears to hear someone say, “I just found out I have a trip for work next week, COULD WE MEET THIS WEEK INSTEAD?” The usual is for the client to ask to see me the WEEK THEY GET BACK rather than before it was originally scheduled. Or, “hey, I just found out my daughter’s play is on our usual night, can we meet the night before instead?” Or, rather than cancel the day altogether, ask the trainer if there is another appt available that same day at a different time. It may very well be available--you just have to ask. Make every attempt to make the workout happen.

There are a few problems that arise when you are always pushing missed appts out into the future rather than making them up ahead of time. Obviously there are instances where you have no ability to make up an appt beforehand, such as coming down with a 24 hour bug right before your appt, but in general it should be possible to make them up ahead.

One problem with always pushing the appt out is that, over a year, you will have many fewer appts than you would have had if you stuck to the schedule. Every single missed workout does make a difference. And they add up fast.

Another problem with pushing the appt out is that it becomes tempting to cancel appts with the trainer, because you end up ‘getting out’ of a workout every time it happens. So, the temptation becomes to find more and more ‘excuses’ as to why you need to ‘reschedule’ your appt. I’m not at all saying people are lying. I’m just saying…

we all realize there are those in-between situations where you could cancel or you could keep the appt even if it will be tough—which way will you choose to go?

All clients hire a trainer partly to hold them accountable. The trainer is ultimately there helping YOU achieve YOUR goal, so it’s truly for your benefit and your best interest for trainers to put the pressure on you to either keep the appointment or at least make it up earlier rather than later.

Also, there are those times when people are limited by injury and wish to postpone appts until they are at full speed. I am the queen of having to modify workouts due to injury, and working out while limited is a GREAT opportunity to learn how to adapt and adjust a workout accordingly given almost any circumstance. Learning to modify workouts is one of the most valuable lessons you will ever learn from your trainer—don’t waste it by canceling!

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