Brainless Interval Cardio

Ever want to do an interval workout because you know how effective they are--yet find yourself irritated in having to program the machine, track your time and when to switch the settings, etc?

Well, you're in luck. This workout is as effective as any hyper-managed interval plan, but without the headaches. You can also do it outside with no special gadgets or aps.

The Workout

Step 1.  Pick your length--We suggest a 20-minute session.

Step 2.  Each time we say sprint, you do: 'sprint steps.' That could be pumps of a pedal on a bike or elliptical, or steps of your feet while sprinting, or steps if you're climbing stairs! If you can't do any of that, you can do lunge steps, squats, or push-ups. If you're using a machine, crank up the resistance and still try to 'sprint.' The act of trying to sprint, even if you're not actually going fast, really torches those calories. 

Choose your Level or Type of Workout

Easy:  Do 50 'sprint steps' at any point 4x during your 20 minute workout.

Medium:  Do 100 'sprint steps' at any point 4x during your 20 minute workout.

Hard:  Do 200 'sprint steps' at any point 4x during your 20 minute workout.

Are You a Masochist?

If you want to extend the workout:  add a set of 'sprint steps' once for every 5 minutes of workout. So, for 30 minutes it would be 6 'sprint steps,' etc.

Let us know how you like it!

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