Bodyweight Toning Workout

bodyweight toning workoutOur bodyweight toning workout can be done right at home - no sweat!

This bodyweight toning workout is one I give to many of my clients. If you're looking for a fresh workout as spring approaches - you're in luck! Here is a bodyweight toning workout that you can perform circuit-style (moving from one exercise, to the next to the next). The workout can be done at home, while traveling or at the gym, and will provide an invigorating stimulus for both beginner and advanced trainees. Advanced trainees can simply add more sets and reps as needed to increase the challenge. Let's get right to the workout!

Bodyweight Toning Workout

1. Facedown Plank.
-Hold for 20 breaths.

2. Side Plank with leg lift.
-Perform 15 on each side.

3. Swimming Superman
-Swim 10 times.

4. Single Leg Glute Bridge
-Perform 15 reps on each side.

5. Push-ups
-Perform 15 reps.

6. Alternating Reverse Lunges
-Perform 12 on each side; weights optional.

7. Elbows to Palms Plank
-Perform 5 cycles starting with left side; then 5 cycles the other direction.

8. Downward dog single leg calf raise.
-Perform 20 reps each side.

The Plan.

Begin each workout with a 5-minute cardio warmup. You can do jumping jacks, climb stairs, pedal a stationary bike, or even vacuum your house. Anything to get your blood pumping! 

Perform all 8 exercises, one after the other with as little rest as possible between each one.

If you're a beginner, you can call it a day.

If you've been exercising, try two rounds.

If you're pretty advanced, try three rounds.

What a workout like this can do for you.

Full body strength training workouts with an emphasis on core like the one you see above offer a myriad of benefits. Whenever you strength train, you stimulate your muscle tissue which helps increase your strength as well as your metabolism. When you do lots of movements that involve your core, you will reduce your risk of injury and of back pain. 

Workouts like this also do wonders for your mood! Strength training has a positive impact on levels of depression and anxiety for most people. Furthermore, when you perform the movements rapidly from one to the next, circuit-style, you will find that your heart rate becomes elevated and you can gain a cardio effect as well. Cardio is another type of exercise that does wonders for mood.

Looking for a more personalized routine?

I can help design a custom routine for you that takes into account your personal goals as well as any injuries you might have. Grab your Price Quote today.

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