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The Biggest Loser in the
2005 Body Challenge

hosted by Home Bodies in-home fitness training

Anna Mullen of Byfield, MA was the Biggest Loser in Gina Paulhus's Weight Loss and Fitness Contest!

In just 11 weeks--using NO weight loss pills or supplements, NO crash dieting, and NO extreme exercise (just a lot of hard work and discipline)--

Anna lost an astonishing 7.5% bodyfat (which represents 14.6 pounds of fat loss for her!)

She lost a jaw-dropping...

...5 inches off her hips
...4 inches off her waist
...2 inches off her chest measurement
...3 1/2 inches off each thigh
...1/2 inch off each arm

Check out her before and after photos,
and get inspired!

Tips From Anna, Highly Successful "Loser":

--Diet and exercise together is really what re-shapes your body. Most likely you will never reach your desired physique goal with just one or the other, especially as you approach your goal weight.

--At least monthly check-ins with a trainer like Gina helps tremendously.

--Following a healthy diet and a workout schedule is easier when you have some “purpose” behind it. Anna liked the focus that the 12-week contest brought her. Now she is looking for her next challenge to keep her on track and to continue to improve her fitness level…perhaps a walking marathon!

--No matter what happens with missed workouts or a bad eating day, NEVER give up! You will reach your goal if you keep trying and follow the advice of a qualified fitness trainer like Gina.

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2006 Body Challenge hosted by Home Bodies and Gina Paulhus.

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