Best Way to Rehab Shoulder

Want to Know The Best Way to Rehab Shoulder?This plan will help to you if you need to address your basic shoulder health.

This Shoulder Program is the best way to rehab shoulder assuming you don't have an acute injury or a diagnosed condition. Reason being, it will help your back and shoulder muscles get into balance, which tends to help with shoulder pain. When the front and back of your body are equally as strong, you will feel - and perform - a lot better. 

best way to rehab shoulderIf you have had nagging shoulder pain that is not an injury, our best way to rehab shoulder strength program is perfect for you!

In normal daily living, the front becomes much stronger than the back and that can lead to problems. Once we have improved our posture, our joints are stacked one on top of each other and it reduces wear and tear, as well as muscle stiffness and tightness. Be sure to check with your doctor to be sure there isn't an injury that is causing your shoulder pain. Once you've gotten your doctor's approval, I can assure you that strength training is the absolute best way to rehab shoulder there is! A lot of people think it's all about flexbility, but most people get much better results when they focus on strength training. And the good news is, when you are stronger your body naturally becomes more flexible since your system is in balance, which reduces muscle tension and tightness naturally.

The Shoulder Health Plan: Instructions

Perform a 10-minute warm-up before the following routine. Perform each exercise once and, for a stronger training effect, repeat the circuit. Choose a weight you can handle easily using proper form. The best way to rehab shoulder is always slow and steady versus overdoing it!

T-bar row: 15 reps

Inverted V Push-up: 8-12 reps

One-Arm Bent Over Row: 12 reps

Swimming Superman: 12 reps

Seated Rope Pull

Dumbbell Shrugs: 15 reps

Facedown Plank Hold on Stability Ball: 10 to 20 seconds

Rear Pull with Band: 15 reps

Would you like a form check on your Shoulder exercises?

Form is the most important thing in making sure that you get the best results possible out of a workout program. Even when you have a video of how to perform the exercises with correct form, it's still hard to know if you are doing things correctly. If you'd like a trainer to take a look at your form on these exercises, you can request a Price Quote. We have in-person trainers in select locations and we also offer video calls.

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