Become Controller of Your Own Destiny With Exercise

By Ashley Arpe, Master Trainer

As we age, the benefits of daily exercise become even more crucial. As a trainer I am well aware of this, but recently I have witnessed how this manifests in my own family.

A family member of mine who is in her 60s was recently diagnosed with osteopenia which is the precursor for osteoporosis. Her doctor told her to incorporate weight training into walking she already did 7 days a week for an hour. Her doctor also recommended more calcium which is important for bone health. I have been promoting weight training all along, but finally she is listening to me and her doctor. Thankfully her signs and symptoms are minimal now.

The take home message here is this: do not wait until it’s too late. Take charge of your health. If you already do, keep it up. Never let a day go by during which you forgo doing something active. Exercising leads to healthy weight, and provides inspiration to yourself and others. Exercise naturally will limit the number of times you find yourself needing a doctor’s visit. And exercise just plain makes you feel good inside and out. You can look great, have less joint pain, and build a better metabolism, all from exercise. It truly is magical.

The aging process is real--it happens. It is up to you to improve yourself physically. If you do nothing, you are that much closer to getting old before your time. With a regular exercise routine you will feel great, live well, and be happy. It all starts with a workout program. Give us a ring--we can help you.

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