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How to Beat Diabetes
With Diet and Exercise

It’s amazing how much power we have to determine our own health!

You may find yourself hearing more and more about the type 2 diabetes (aka adult onset diabetes) epidemic in the U.S.  The saddest part is while genetics may play some role in determining who is afflicted with diabetes, studies show that up to 90% of diabetes cases can be attributed to unhealthy diet, lack of exercise and being overweight – totally preventable!

With type 2 diabetes, either the body does not produce enough insulin or the cells ignore the insulin, which is crucial for the body to be able to use glucose for energy.

The good news is type 2 diabetes can be minimized or reversed by healthy lifestyle choices.  In fact, the recommendations I make for my clients for good health and weight control, are basically those of the American Diabetes Association for prevention and treatment:

•       Consume a high fiber, low-fat diet that consists of lots of vegetables, fruits, whole grain foods, fish, lean meats, dried beans, non-fat dairy, unsaturated fats.

•       Minimize or avoid refined foods, like snacks and desserts high in fat and sugar.

•       Watch food portion sizes and maintain a healthy weight.

•       Exercise 30 to 60 or more minutes per day.

The benefits of exercise in preventing or treating diabetes are numerous and include:

•       Improves your blood glucose

•       Lose weight

•       Reduces stress which can raise glucose level

•       Improves the efficiency of insulin so you get more out of the way your body uses it.

In some people, proper diet and exercise allows them to control diabetes without use of medication! Simply amazing!

If you would like to take an herbal tea to help your body, consider using to help your body beat diabetes with diet and exercise.

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