Sick of eating right and exercise always feeling like such a constant struggle? Sick of having no energy?

Ayurveda Leads to Effortness, Balanced Health and Wellness

I'll tell you a personal story. A couple of years ago I reached the point where I had great control over my health and wellness. I was eating right, exercising just the right amount, and getting enough sleep. I didn't need any prescriptions and I barely ever had to go to the doctor. However, something was missing.

That "something" was ease.

'Ease' means that everything you do feels natural. You don't feel like you are fighting against yourself. You feel as though you are reaching for the apple instead of the cookie not because you're trying to be 'good,' but because the apple really seems more appealing. You work out not because you feel guilty and fat, but because you crave movement.

The lifestyle shift that lead me to this place was ayurveda. 

ayurveda balanced health

I stumbled upon it quite by accident - through a happenstance conversation at a party I was not planning to make because I had just had surgery. 

However, that day a little voice told me to go to the party, crutches, pain meds and all. So I did, propping my splinted ankle up on a chair upon my arrival.

I had a conversation with a woman who was explaining to everyone why she seemed so different - so healthy. What caught my attention was not that she was doing yet another diet/exercise plan, but that her spirit had changed. I wanted to be like her.

And so I took her up on her suggestion to purchase a book (don't be mislead by it's title - it's not about weight loss per se, although weight loss quite often results):

That book provides the basics on how to get started. This book helps you deepen your ayurvedic practices.

If all this seems a little mysterious - as it should at this point - here are some resources!

Learn the Basics of What Ayurveda Is

Find out your ayurvedic dosha and learn simple lifestyle tips you can try right now

Talk to this Ayurvedic Practitioner for more personalized advice

There had been certain things about myself that I had come to accept as "just me." Such as:

    *My hands and feet were always freezing

    *I had trouble relaxing enough to fall asleep at night

    *I often felt hungry and tired no matter how much I ate and how much sleep I got

All of these things changed for me as I gradually adopted an ayurvedic plan. No, I'm not feeling perfect every day - who does? But I'm so much closer to feeling healthy and well all of the time. Sometimes I find myself drifting away from some of the principles and I notice that I don't feel as good. That triggers me to go back to it if I've moved a little too far away.

What's nice about this program is that you can start with just one small change, whether it be foods you eat or what you do in the five minutes before bedtime, and even that will yield huge results. When you are ready, you can add more. All of these little changes will lead to balanced health over time.

I found that the plan that was right for my type (which I found through the quiz I linked to above) allowed me to enjoy a wider variety of foods, take more rest, and generally have a more enjoyable life all the while improving my health, fitness and happiness. While most plans feel restrictive and it feels like all the fun is being taken away from your life, this one feels the opposite. My health has never been better.

I still have some work to do - ayurveda is lifelong and evolving; not something you do rigidly for a month and then quit. You can begin implementing it at little to no cost, you can follow it no matter what allergies or health conditions you may have, and everyone from young athletes to the elderly can follow it with great results. I am so grateful that I found out about it, and that's why I am sharing with you today. I encourage all of my clients to give it a try, as it fits into the "Home Bodies" program swimmingly.

Be well my friends!! All of us can achieve balanced health with something as simple and natural as ayurveda.

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