"Always Something" rather than "All or Nothing"

By changing your thinking to "Always Something" rather than "All or Nothing" your success in fitness (and other things, too!) will skyrocket

"Always something" is one of my favorite mantras of all time. Learn how I use this mantra and what it means in this article. I truly hope it helps!

If you are overwhelmed with everything you feel like you "have" to do - you're not alone.

Most people live in a constant state feeling that they are not doing enough, that they are behind the eight-ball, that they will never catch up.

Stop - take a breath.

If you can just do "always something" you never have to feel helpless, no matter how busy your schedule becomes. I love this mindset because it helps each and every day count, rather than having days where I just didn't get around to do anything for me at all. And no one likes to feel that they are leaving themselves on the back burner.

always somethingThere is a better way: it's called "Always Something."

For example - if you just can't squeeze in a trip to the gym today, no problem. Think "Always Something."

What might that "Always Something" be? Here are some examples.

  • Do some push-ups before bed.
  • Do calf raises while you brush your teeth.
  • Tighten your abs and hold every time you're at a red light.
  • Do 100 jumping jacks while you wait for the microwave to beep.
  • Take a stroll around the block after dropping your kids off at dance class.
  • Perform a pull-up every time you walk through the door where your bar is mounted
  • Perform calf stretches while waiting for water to boil
  • Balance on one leg while waiting in a line
  • Pace while on the phone
  • Hold a front and a side plank while playing with your kids or your pets

Other ideas can include going for a walk with a loved one rather than meeting over coffee, meeting up for a yoga class rather than a lunch date, taking a stroll while at the beach, or playing catch with your kids.

The sense of accomplishment you will feel after these seemingly tiny tasks will do wonders for your body and for your mood! Little bits of activity DO count - they add up. Make a habit of "always something" and watch your body transform, slowly but surely!

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