Because I've Always
Done it That Way

So many times when I work with clients, the situation arises where there is some problem with following through with the plan. I'll provide an example.

The client has a workout routine 5 days per week. The routine takes about 30 minutes to do. She likes to work out in the morning, first thing. However, one day she had a dentist appointment very early so she missed her workout (why didn't she set her alarm for earlier? That's another conversation). Another morning her dog threw up all over the place and that obviously took precedence.

Most people would just work out later in the day instead. However, this client didn't do that. I asked her why (this is not about a particular person, for the record! It's a fictional example.)

"Because if I don't work out in the morning, I won't do it."

I ask, 'Is it a scheduling thing? Do you not have time later in the day?'

'No, I have time. I just always work out in the morning,' she says.

Not really. Because you didn't. 

What she means is, 'I only work out in the mornings.'

In her mind, she created this rule that she only works out in the mornings. This is how she always did it before. Well this isn't before. Before doesn't matter. This is now.

What if we could practice changing our minds?

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