Adult Gymnastics Camp

Is it for me?

If you are thinking about coming to adult gymnastics camp, you must really love gymnastics! And that's truly all you need to be a great candidate for camp. 

Excited for training!

Here are some common reasons people think they can't go to camp, and why they simply aren't true!

Reason #1:  I can't get time off from work or time away from home!

Why it's not true: You have plenty of time to plan! You would make the time to attend a wedding or other important event. Your own recreation, fitness and social time as an adult is just as important. Camp runs for a 48 hour period from start to end. If you simply cannot make all of camp, no problem! Just join in the sessions that you are able to. 

Reason #2:  I don't have the money!

Why it's not true: If you save just $10 or 20 per week up until camp, you should have plenty of money in time ($225, or $175 if you come with a 'team' of 3 or more) plus extra money for the hotel if you need a place to stay. If you share a room with someone, that will bring the hotel fee down. We can help buddy you up and you might also be able to stay with a local camper free of charge! Also, while it's super fun to eat out with other campers (we are striving to choose lower cost establishments when possible), there are also plenty of inexpensive food options nearby including a grocery store all within walking distance of the hotels. If you are a coach or a yoga or dance instructor you can offer to work part of camp to reduce or eliminate your camp tuition. Payment plans are also available. Just ask! Also, if you think of the average cost of a vacation or weekend getaway with all the entertainment costs and lots of eating/drinking/tickets/admissions, this camp is a bargain.

Need transportation from Boston to Portsmouth? This bus line that is fairly inexpensive: $46 round trip from Logan Airport to Portsmouth and back. It's an 1hr and 25min trip and they have a new one departing every hour. Here is the link to the bus line!

Never. Enough. Handstands.

Reason #3 I don't have anyone to go with!

Why it's not true: First, ask anyone you can think of. You might be surprised that they would go if they only knew about it and had someone to go with. We welcome beginners and always have at least a few people who have never tried gymnastics, so don't overlook friends who might be interested in a weekend getaway even if they don't have gymnastics experience. Even if it turns out that you have to come alone, adult gymnasts will all become instant friends because we all share the love of gymnastics in common. We make a point to introduce each other before camp starts so that you already feel at home right away. Also, if you are a member of our Facebook group, you can 'get to know' the other participants ahead of time. For our Facebook group, see the link at the bottom of this page.

There's always time for a group selfie!

Reason #4:  I am not good enough for camp! I will embarrass myself.

Why it's not true: This camp is for all levels, from never-done-gymnastics-before beginner up through the highest levels of the sport. Adult gymnasts tend to be very supportive of each other and encouraging. People get just as much support when trying their first forward roll as they do their first double back. It is encouraged to adapt what skills you spend time on during camp and there will be separate groups based on level. If you need to take a break, take one! No big deal. Watching and learning is as welcomed as 'doing.' We will have newbie, beginner, intermediate, and advanced groups during camp. You are always welcome to switch groups at any time.

Reason #5:  I am not in good enough shape to survive a 3-day camp!

Why it's not true: Camp will be 'at your own pace.' Sitting out and watching is always an option and you will learn plenty just by observing and learning from watching others. The first day is a lighter day. The middle day has one open gym session that can easily be skipped without missing much. Clinics and special lessons are offered on the middle day as well that are more education-based. We are all adult gymnasts with bodies that can get sore and tired, so the schedule will be planned to allow us all to survive the weekend! Trampoline and tumbletrak are available if you need lower-impact. The intensity level per hour will be lower than in a typical adult 'class' where you are trying to cram everything into one hour! Many people are coming to camp primarily to have FUN and meet other gymnasts. No one will push you beyond your capacity. There is also a ton of opportunity to learn more to take home to your practices even if you are more in watching mode than doing mode. Will you be sore? Sure. Will you have so much fun that you don't care, and want to come back next year? YES!

Enjoying a night out in downtown Portsmouth NH!

Reason #6:  I'm not feeling the whole leotard thing!

Why it's not true:  Leotards are by no means required! As long as your clothing will not get caught in the equipment or interfere with you are being spotted, you can wear anything you like.

Plenty of spotting and pits available!

Reason #7:  I will be the oldest person there.

Why it's not true:  I suppose technically you could be :) However, the average age of campers is about 35, and the age of campers ranges from 20 year olds to women in their 60s. We would love for anyone of any age to come, and we would love for you to be the new oldest-camper record holder!

Reason #8:  I am injured, so I should wait to come to camp until I am healed.

Why it's not true:  We have many folks who come and just participate in one or two events. You may do double time on those events, or simply use the extra time to watch and learn. We have an athletic trainer who also provides treatments, and she is amazing and might even be able to assist you in your healing process. As we all know, injury can happen at any time, and some injuries heal surprisingly fast while others take longer than expected. Rather than trying to time camp attendance around whether or not you're injured, we suggest coming anyway, and making the best of it. Our tumbltrak, pit, trampoline, etc. can all help when you are injured and still want to flip. You are welcome to use any training aids in the gym that work for your needs. Think of the fact that when elite gymnasts are injured, they do not stay home. They go to the gym anyway and work on what they can. You can do that too at camp!

Bryan Paulhus, Camp Host, and Gina Paulhus, Camp Director.

Reason #9:  I am a a guy, and this camp is for women's events.

Why it's not true:  Every year we have at least a handful of guys. Some of them prefer to work on the women's events, so there is no problem there. Some of them prefer to work on men's events, but the opportunities to have a coach aren't always there. At this camp we can coach you on the vault, floor, and tumbltrak. We can go over basics on the other 4 mens events, although we only have basics training equipment for those events (such as a mushroom for pommels) rather than the actual competitive equipment. You can still hang out with adult gymnasts, learn more strength and flexibility moves, and work on plenty of skills. 

Reason #10:  I'm afraid of looking stupid.

Why it's not true:  There is no such thing in gymnastics! Every gymnast falls over and over and over before they get something. Camp is a lighthearted, laid back environment. If we mess up we just laugh at ourselves and move on. Safety is our first priority at camp. You will try things where you are safe such as the pit or with a spot if there is any question that you are ready for a skill. We have never had a camper come who doesn't 'fit in.' From someone trying to learn a cartwheel, to someone throwing their first tsukahara, everyone is experiencing their own challenges at camp depending on their level.

Flipping on Tumbltrak can't be topped.

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