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Adult Gymnastics Camp -
Summer 2018 Review

The 7th Adult Gymnastics Camp was the biggest and best one yet thanks to the energy from returning campers and new campers alike.

Here is a newspaper article detailing the camp.

Official Camp Video.

Dance Like Your Daddy from Gina Paolino Paulhus on Vimeo.


Campers work together to form the letters 'AGC' for Adult Gymnastics Camp
Gina Paulhus, Camp Director, leads warm-up on Sunday
Stephanie Brown, Anita Pelak, and Kaki Hu gather in between rotations.
Meghan Hunt, right, has been our AT since our first Camp.
Karen Lovett, Grace Koehler and Kathleen Murphy trying out their new tape grips.
Helen Murphy, left and Kerri Seeley are being spotted by Gina Paulhus, center.

Camp Awards.

Abbi Bailey - Prettiest Tumbling

Amy Johnston - Peer Presure

Anita Pelak - One and Done

Ashley Griswold - Kipping Queen

Carol Schmidt - Back Handspring Beast

Caitlin Smythe - Most Improved Power

Catherine Leask - Prettiest Form

Chelsea Rossetti - The GymNerd Award

Danielle Collier - Bravest

Degas Ewing - TumbleWeed

Dominec Casselli - 2 Feet Higher

Elsie Oldaker - Beautiful Blinds

Emily Hinton - One Arm Wonder

Emily Hu - Back Handspring Savant

Grace Koehler - Hawaiian Punch

Helen Murphy - New Heights

Jerome Torres - Best Twisting Flips

Jennifer Solivan - Accelerator Bunny

Jessalynn Adam - Stop the Presses

Lulu Leask - Best Front Handspring Vault

Karen Lovett - Best Switch Leap

Kat Galvez - Most Graceful Fall

Kathleen Murphy - Most Inquisitive

Katy Eagle - Happiest to Tumble 

Kelsey Darby - Above and Beyond

Kendall Crawford - The Gymnast Doll

Kerri Seeley - Old Man Grunt

Kaki Hu - Table Newby

Laura Stobbe - Sanne Wevers

Lori Vollkomer - On Tap

Meghan Mello - Most Essential

Melissa Vacon - Technician

Nicholas Demulder - Superhuman

Nicole Furness - Best User of the Floor

Rebecca Hanley - Most Improved Handstand Everywhere

Rachael Bennett - 10,000 Hours

Rose Robertson - Most Improved Front Tuck

Sherrie Martin - Most Practical

Stephanie Brown - Powerhouse

Tiffany Chen - Double Bell Ringer

Future Adult Camps
Can Be Found Here.

Adult Gymnastics Camps and Classes in Portsmouth NH.

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