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"14 in '14"
Home Bodies Challenge:

Win $$$ for losing!!

Plus donation to a charity
on your behalf.

Home Bodies invites you to enroll in our challenge to lose 14 lbs. in 14 weeks.* The challenge starts on any day you prefer the first week in January. Your weight will be taken at the beginning and then 14 weeks from that day. Monthly updates on how you are doing compared to others will be emailed anonymously.

You don't have to be a client to enter!


To enter, you need to enter $25 into the 'pool.'

*The money from those who fail to lose the weight will be added up and divided among those who succeeded in losing at least 14 lb.

*If you are already near your ideal weight, you may enter the contest as bodyfat lost rather than total weight lost. You will have bodyfat measurements taken with calipers.

*Home Bodies will donate to ECHO: Networking Global Hunger Solutions or the charity of your choice on your behalf for the first, second, and third place individuals in terms of total pounds lost during these 14 weeks.

For example, if 20 people enter, each paying $25, that's $500 in the 'pool.' If only 4 people succeed in their goal of losing 14 lbs. and you are one of them, you will receive $125.

To sign up, simply Contact Us to let us know
you'd like to join and we'll get you all the necessary info.

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