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"Shape up by Summer"

2008 Body Challenge

Gina Paulhus and Home Bodies in-home fitness training are hosting the "2008 Body Challenge:" a fitness contest for clients, newsletter subscribers, and the general public alike. This contest has three categories, but all fall under the umbrella of a "body challenge."

WHEN: This 8-week Challenge starts on Monday, April 27 2008 and ends Sunday, June 22, 2008.

WHO: All Home Bodies personal training clients are eligible, as well as the general public. You do NOT need to purchase personal training from Home Bodies to participate.

WHAT: All competitors will receive a personalized training program from a Home Bodies trainer, a "Home Bodies" t-shirt, a participation medal, and a chance to win Cash, Prizes, and Track It! Points for the 2008 Exercise and Diet Logging Contest also ending June 22, 2008.

HOW MUCH: Enrollment in the contest is $69. Early-Bird Registration by April 20 2008 is just $49! (If you enroll with a buddy the rates are $119 for the two of you, or early bird discount is $99).

CATEGORIES: There are 3 categories for this contest. You may compete in as many categories as you choose, but will need to pay a separate enrollment fee for each category that you enter. There will be a first place winner and also a "most improved" first place finisher for each category.

1. Weight Loss in Pounds
Judged by the good old-fashioned scale

2. Body Transformation
Judged by a "Before" and "After" Picture

3. Cardio Endurance Contest
Judged by a 5k walk or run

For results from past Body Challenges, click here.

SCROLL DOWN TO REQUEST A REGISTRATION PACKET, or ask your trainer to register!

There is something about competition and deadlines that motivates people like nothing else. I guess most of us are procrastinators by nature! It is adaptive in a sense to focus most prominently and intensely on something that must be done by a certain date and time because that rises to the top of the priority list. You would think having to take off all the winter layers, or more importantly, being told by your doctor that you are unhealthy and at a high risk for major health problems if you don’t shed some pounds or start working out, would be enough. But those things aren’t tangible enough or perceived as urgent and unforgiving enough to rile us into action.

That’s why I host the annual Body Challenge: I want to offer an accessible option whereby you can join the ranks of the reality TV and magazine-feature people who have made major health and fitness changes in their lives. All ages and ability levels are welcome, and there are four categories to enter:

1. Weight Loss, judged by bodyfat lost in pounds

2. Body Transformation, judged by a Before and After Photo

3. Strength Contest, judged by six strength exercises

4. Cardio Endurance Contest, judged by a 5K or 10K run time

Anna Mullen of Byfield, MA was our winner in 2005! She lost around sixty pounds, and used the body challenge to lose the last fifteen pounds (which can be the hardest ones to lose!)

Here is what she has to say about this contest:

"Thanks to the 2005 Body Challenge, I learned a lot and met many goals that I had set for myself. Not only did I win the challenge, which was wonderful, but I fulfilled a personal challenge that I set for myself, which was even better; I walked a marathon this January. I never would have thought that was possible without Gina’s upbeat and encouraging words. She built my confidence and now I know that if I set my mind to it and keep at it, I can reach and maintain a healthy weight. Sometimes the end seems so far away and unreachable, but it’s not. It’s also not easy, but with the right tools, it’s do-able. I’ve learned that a combination of diet and exercise are what works. I don’t have to starve myself or exercise like a maniac, just be reasonable. Checking in with Gina helps me stay accountable and her encouragement keeps me motivated. And also important, has been learning that I can do it!" For results from the 2005 Body Challenge, click here.

Darlene Mack of Lynnfield, MA was our winner in 2006! She achieved a new personal best 5K.

Here is what she has to say about this contest:

"This contest kept me focused on running, and it gave me a little challenge to work towards," says Darlene. "I think everyone could benefit from joining a contest or race, especially people working out at home, doing everything on their own...I thought of it as real race. You want to give it your all, knowing other people are training for it too. I think it's an extra way to keep you motivated and keeping you going, a new goal to work toward. For me I am sort of at that maintenance phase, and a contest like this mixes things up." For more on Darlene Mack, winner of the 2006 Body Challenge, click here.

If you are interested in registering for the 2008 Body Challenge, please fill out this form and we will rush all the necessary information to you!

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