Learn Our Favorite 20 Minute Elliptical Workout

This 20 minute elliptical workout will be perfect for those times when you want to squeeze in a quick session, or when you want to perform strength training as well as cardio in the same day.

You may think a 20 minute elliptical workout is short, but when done well, you can get just as much out of a 20 minute elliptical workout as you could with a much longer one. The other nice thing about 20 minute cardio workouts is that you are less likely to trigger your stress hormones, which can kick in when we exercise for a long time.

20 minute elliptical workout

20 Minute Elliptical Workout Option: Steady Eddie

This plan is better if you are new to using an elliptical, or you are a bit deconditioned. There is a variation in setting, but it's not extreme. Always work at a pace in which you could talk, but not sing. The settings on your machine may differ from that of another brand. Adjust accordingly.

Minutes        Setting

0:00-5:00      Level 4

4:00-6:00      Level 5

6:00-8:00      Level 4

8:00-10:00   Level 5

10:00-12:00 Level 4

12:00-14:00 Level 6

14:00-16:00 Level 5

16:00-18:00 Level 4

18:00-20:00 Level 5

20 Minute Elliptical Workout Option: High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

This type of workout is appropriate for those who have been doing steadier pace cardio for at least six weeks. It will put your heart, lungs and legs through an intense effort.  Because of that, you don't want to perform a HIIT workout two days in a row, or a HIIT workout one day and a strength workout the next. It's better in that case to do your HIIT and your strength on the same day in order to allow your nervous system at least a day in between to recover.

As payback for the effort, you will burn more fat doing HIIT than you would doing steady cardio with a less significant variation in pace. The settings on your machine may differ from that of another brand. Adjust accordingly.

Minutes         Setting and Pace

0:00-5:00       Level 5 moderate pace

5:00-5:30       Level 10 fast pace

5:30-7:00       Level 5 easy pace

7:00-7:30       Level 10 fast pace

continue on so that you do the 30 second sprints at minute 5, 7, 9, 11, 13 and 15.

15:00-20:00 Level 5 moderate pace

How often to perform the routines

If you're a beginner, perform the first routine 3-5 days per week.

If you're more advanced, you can do the first plan up to 3 days per week and the second plan up to twice per week, leaving you with four sessions per week. Be sure to avoid doing the HIIT plan on back-to-back days.

After doing the above plans for 2 months, be sure to change it up so that your body does not get used to the workouts!

Need more Elliptical Training ideas?

Nothing replaces the help and guidance of a fitness professional, especially when it comes to keeping things fresh to ensure optimal results. We would love to help set you up with a personalized plan! Get your Price Quote today.

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