What Do You Accept??

I'll tell you a story about one day when I learned that I had accepted something that I really shouldn't have without even knowing.

I own this incredible moist heating pad. It pulls moisture from the air and pumps it through the pad to your body. This helps your muscled I got one in 2010 and after a couple of years the power cord broke. I replaced it in 2012 and it was well worth the money as it really helped my body recover from hard workouts.

Fast forward to 2018 and once again the power cord had become touch-and-go, and eventually fizzled out. I placed an order for a new one, figuring that six years of regular use was a fair life span for an item under $50.

The new pad came, and I couldn't believe it. It was the same exact brand and model, but the experience was totally, 100% different. Rather than wrestling with the power cord by having to press the on button over and over until it finally worked, it easily turned on without effort. But more importantly, the relief from the intense, penetrating moist heat almost made me tear up. Especially since we've had a stretch of raw, cold months here in New England.

I didn't notice how weak the other one had become. I didn't notice that it was barely warm anymore and the sensation of moist heat was no longer there. The old pad probably provided a tiny portion of the comforting heat that the new one did. But since it got worse slowly over time, little by little, I never noticed. 

"This is how it is with a lot of things. You don't notice how bad it got. You learn to accept something that is no longer good enough. No longer acceptable."

You go from six workouts a week, to four, to two. You didn't really notice as it happened.

Your weight went up a couple lbs. then it went up a couple more. You didn't notice until you couldn't fit into any of your pants anymore.

So take a moment every now and again to take a good honest look at what is really going on. Not just if it's a little bit worse than it was the day before. How far are you from your ideal? What have you been accepting? Do you really want to accept that?


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