The Seven Secrets
Personal Trainers Know

Personal trainers know seven secrets for losing fat and keeping it off for good. Because they know these secrets, most personal trainers have little to no body fat...let's face it, you can pick a personal trainer out in a crowd pretty easily.

There are many people who spend MORE time working out than personal trainers do, and there are many people who diet MORE rigorously than personal trainers...yet these people carry more bodyfat.

Why do you think personal trainers command fees ranging from $50 to $100 and up per hour? It's because they have the expertise to solve one of the most vexing problems in modern day to shed bodyfat, but especially how to KEEP IT OFF FOR GOOD.

For a limited time I will share with you, free of charge, The Seven Secrets Personal Trainers Know For Losing Fat AND Keeping It Off For Good. My private training clients spend thousands of dollars for access to my advice...and sure, they get individualized weight lifting, cardio, and diet programs designed especially for them...but the basics remain the same, and I'm GIVING this information away to you for FREE! This is a test offer I am running right now; naturally, I will probably be charging a hefty sum for this advice in the near future.

Here is what one website visitor had to say
about this incredible FREE offer. This is an unsolicited, unedited testimonial from some who simply loved what she saw!

"I don't know how crammed up your e-mail box may be or if it's more bothersome than not to e-mail you for so pointless a purpose, but I had to thank you for your generosity.

I just signed up for a couple of your e-mail offers, The 7 Secrets Personal Trainers Know and the email Mini Lessons for how to get more out of your workout. I have to say the former is really just crazy how helpful and informative it is. I was sitting there reading it thinking, "Man, I can't believe I got this for free!" I'm overjoyed that a professional like yourself that is or could be making thousands off of people from your skills (which, I have to add, are probably in higher demand now thanks to the 'obesity epidemic') is teaching people these things for free.

I'm 16 years old (and just over 200 pounds) and don't have a steady income, so to hire a personal trainer would be near-impossible, while at the same time I have to wage war to just control my diet. To be able to access such helpful information that can assure that my workouts are effective and cooperate well with my diet is very pleasing to me.

Anyway, I just had to email you and express my gratitude, so:
Thanks very much!"

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The 7 Secrets Personal Trainers Know

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