Fitness Gifts Under $20

Fitness gifts under $20 might be just the thing for that special person in your life who is into health and fitness. You can get a great fitness gift that will be loved and used often without spending a lot of money. While many gifts just end up sitting in the closet, a fitness gift will be used over and over!

Ideas for Fitness Gifts Under $20

Cardio-related Gifts

1. Pedometer

2. Jumprope

3. Ipod arm band

4. Fitness DVD

5. Running socks

6. Fitness Journal

7. Moisture-absorbing workout top

8. Workout pants

9. Camelback water bottle

10. Headphones designed for use during cardio

Strength-related Gifts

1. Resistance bands

2. Adjustable ankle weights

3. Medicine ball

4. Weight lifting gloves

5. Inflatable fitness (stability) ball

6. Fitness book

7. Strength exercise tape or DVD

8. Yoga mat

9. Shaker bottle for protein powder

10. Sets/reps exercise log book

General health-related Gifts

1. Foam roller for self-myofascial release

2. Assorted herbal teas

3. Trigger Point Self Massage Book

4. Pack of essential oils

5. Serenity sounds CD for relaxation

6. Mini humidifier

7. Water filter pitcher

8. At-home skin care

9. 7 Pillars of Health Book

10. Cooking well cookbook

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