Use our free body fat test to calculate your body fat percentage.

Our free body fat test is an online tool that allows you to find the pounds of lean weight and pounds of fat weight on your body right at home. It's not always total weight on the scale that determines the way your body looks and your clothing size: having a low body fat is really what makes a person look better.

It's important to test your body fat because body fat percentage tells you much more than just weight. A bodyfat test reveals the amount of fat and the amount of lean tissue on your body. Weight lifting increases the amount of lean tissue on your body and decreases the amount of fat--which means it's the fastest way to change your body fat percentage. Cardio and diet also play an important role in bodyfat loss.

Body fat test:
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*for best results, have another person, preferably an experienced fitness trainer, take your skinfold measurements with a pair of body fat calipers. If you live in MA or NH Contact Gina to inquire about getting your bodyfat tested professionally.

Natural Physiques

Men and women have different ideal body fat percentages. Age and activity level is also a factor.

Ideal bodyfat percentages:

Age        20-30       30-50        50+

Male      10-16%   12-18%   15-20%

Female 17-22%   19-24%   20-25%

To learn how to reduce your bodyfat percentage, visit our page on seeing better results on your next body fat test with a sound workout and nutrition approach.

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