Beth Fahey's Fitness Programs
are Based on Science, Not Hype!

Beth Fahey Serves Merrimac, Amesbury, West Newbury, Newburyport, Haverhill, and other ares in Essex County.
She also serves Southern NH.

She won't take "no" for an answer when it comes to your success!

Beth Fahey has been designing fitness programs for herself and for friends and family for thirty years now, and after becoming NSCA Certified as a personal trainer five years ago, she finds that she loves her job more and more all the time.

"Personal training is so much more meaningful than just helping people with their goals, says Beth. "Being part of the excitement and the joy that my clients experience from movement and exercise is the best feeling. It’s not unusual for my clients to give me a huge hug and exclaim, 'thank you, thank you!' during a session. When a new client remembers how good it feels to be physically active, or when I help people discover how good it feels to being physically healthy, I realize that I wouldn’t trade my job for the world. Helping people overcome obstacles and difficulties comes naturally to me, and I enjoy helping them through the process. I have firsthand experience helping my own family members overcome some major disabilities, so nothing intimidates me."

Beth continues, "My primary training philosophy is that everyone on this planet benefits from resistance training, which will include some form of lifting weights. I have a deep conviction about that. I believe that, with all the misinformation out there, people need a solid education from a trainer or another professional source based on scientific principles that are fundamental and will never change, no matter which fad diet or gimmicky exercise program is en vogue. There is an enormous amount of mis-information about resistance training and weight lifting. When I work with a person, I am 100% confident that I am giving him or her the correct knowledge on resistance training...the science behind it, but explained in layman’s terms."

"Regarding my nutrition beliefs," says Beth, "First and foremost I think we are all overwhelmed with information. I like to narrow down good nutrition to a very important step that will be helpful for everyone to make, and that is to reduce (and eliminate if possible) the use of white flour, processed foods, refined sugar, and excess fats. While these are simple and straightforward choices to make, they represent an enormous step in right direction. If that aspect of a person’s diet is under control, the next step is for the person to understand how many calories he or she should be taking in, and what percentage of fats, carbohydrate, protein is best for the specific individual and his or her goals. The third step is to strive to incorporate the best sources of healthy fats, the best types of protein to consume, and the healthiest types of carbohydrates. All of these factors will help a person increase lean muscle mass and decrease fat stores, which help improve performance, health, and appearance all at the same time!"

Beth has always been a physically active person. She enjoys many outdoor fitness activities, and she also follows a weight lifting and cardio routine. She has worked out all of her adult life, including while she was pregnant with her first daughter. That was 30 years ago, and Beth hasn’t stopped exercising since, no matter what challenges came up in her life. Working out up until and during pregnancy lead to Beth having the first natural birth ever at Lynn Hospital! She bounced back from that pregnancy very quickly, and believes it was due to her being in shape during the pregnancy.

Beth was part of that first group of women who trained seriously with free weights, as just cardio and very light weight training was the norm for women at the time. "It is so nice to see that today it is much more widely accepted that women can lift weights," says Beth. "Now, more and more women realize that weight training can increase our femininity, rather than detract from it as was once believed."

However, weight training is good for more than just increasing feminine curves and body tone for Beth. "I find that, sometimes, working out is the only thing that has helped me deal effectively with stress. People are in dire need of learning how to better manage stress levels. Both my children that are still at home are disabled, which is an enormous amount of work. I have struggled with different illnesses as well, including nasty repeated bouts with lyme disease. If I am not training, everything gets much worse," says Beth.

Beth has experience with training men as well, including athletes. She trains children also - her youngest client now is a 15 year old female soccer player. Beth says, "I really want parents to know that teaching young adults the fundamentals of good biomechanics and also teaching their sons and daughters about proper nutrition is not only necessary for athletic success but also their safety! We had an unfortunate accident at the local High School gym where a talented football player, sixteen years old, permanently damaged a lumbar disc squatting, virtually unsupervised and with incorrect form. This happens frequently and is a real shame. Parents need to know that they can do something for their young athletes that will help them for life....provide top notch information from a certified trainer...I know that I sound like a commercial, but I feel very strongly about this! In this day and age with the competition so high for athletes to excel, it's important for parents to invest in their child's athletic development."

Beth continues, "Also, I like the idea of providing a competitive edge for young female athletes who are very often out of the training loop simply because it's a male dominated area in most high schools. My 15 year old soccer player had no place to train! This places our female athletes at a disadvantage and is oftentimes a reason why female athletes are less likely to go on to play college sports and worse, give up overall fitness all together! They are more likely to go on to become sedentary adults. The local high school designs the training rooms largely with the male basketball, football and baseball players, in mind. Young women need the fundamentals just as much as boys. I'm convinced that early intervention addressing exercise and nutrition, helps lower the risk of degenerative disease developing later in life. Many disease states are largely due to sedentary life style. Just another reason why at home personal training can be so valuable!

Beth’s health and fitness background also includes extensive work in the pharmaceutical-grade supplement industry. She has a keen interest in integrative medicine, which combines traditional medicine with alternative treatments. That's where her interest in supplements comes in. She has studied how supplements can be used for depression, anxiety, and ADD. She educates the public about supplements in general and about how they are monitored (or, rather, not monitored!) by the FDA. She truly loves to help people achieve better health.

Beth was a personal chef for many years, and still loves to cook. She enjoys investing in real estate, reading, and spending time with her family, either over a board game at home, or doing outdoor activities. If her family doesn’t join her, she always has her dog Nilla, (seen in photo) by her side!

Beth’s Qualifications:
. NSCA Certified from Feb. 2002
. AED Certified
. First aid CPR for adult and children
. Associate Degree in Science
. Reiki trained
. Consulting on nutraceuticals (pharmaceutical-quality supplements) for 5 years

Beth's Clients
Have Been Highly Successful...
Read Testimonials from Some of Beth's Clients Here!

"In July 2006 I contacted Home Bodies and advised that I was looking for a serious, professional personal trainer. Within a few days, I was matched up with Beth Fahey, and we set up a meeting to discuss the possibilities. During our conversation, I not only recognized that Beth was professional and knowledgeable about weight training and the human body, but I also had a gut feeling that she was the kind of dependable, serious trainer I had been searching for. I immediately entered into an agreement with Home Bodies, and Beth has been my personal, in-home trainer ever since. She has never disappointed me. In fact, I have found her to be the piece of the puzzle that was missing in my life - the piece that has taught me how to strengthen my bones and muscles through weight training, the piece that has kept me motivated and educated to do safe and effective training, the piece that has reassured me that my journey to become the strongest and healthiest person I can be is on track."

"When I contacted Home Bodies, I had just severed ties with a personal trainer who I felt was lacking in commitment - and the results were simply not there. As I embarked upon my weight lifting workouts with Beth, I was ready to commit to a lifestyle change that would result in my becoming stronger with each passing year, one that would give me an edge as I grew older. With Beth as my trainer, that commitment is being realized and I continue to find my sessions challenging and empowering. Beth's positive reinforcement and education about the human body have made such a difference in my life. It is my pleasure to recommend her, without reservation, as a top-of-the-line personal trainer."

Eileen C. Shevelin

"I found Beth to be very knowledgeable about the human body and the way it functions. I especially liked her holistic approach to total body health She inspired me to work harder and develop a consistent work ethic."

Sue Eastman

"I’ve trained with Beth off and on for three years now. She taught me the right way to lift weights and how to make gains in my overall strength. I’m a varsity pitcher and had a great season when I worked with Beth during pre-season conditioning. I am better prepared for my sport physically and mentally due to her coaching."

Bill Vassy

"Beth began training me 5 years ago. Within just the first eight weeks of training, my bodyfat percentage dropped from 32% to 24%! By the end of the first year I had gone down three dress sizes, lost 25lbs and reached 18% bodyfat! Beth's impressive overall body of knowledge and expertise in her particular field of exercise science combined with her sense of compassion allowed me to achieve my personal goals. She kept me focused and times it was solely her sense of commitment (and sense of humor too) that carried me! Due to her example I decided to go into the field of exercise physiology. Last year I graduated from the University of Massachusetts with BS in Exercise Physiology, and am now currently working in the field as an exercise physiologist and certified personal trainer."

Eileen Taylor

"I am a 48 year old mother of two, who has never really known fitness in my life. I have been overweight since I was very young. When I was 42 I was pregnant and diagnosed with kidney cancer. Having an illness is one thing, but having an illness and a baby at the same time? I managed to get though both, losing one kidney but gaining a beautiful daughter. The whole ordeal took a lot out of me because of my weight and fitness level. About 8 months ago, I decided I needed to take my health to the next level. We had a gym membership, but I had really never used it, except to give my kids an outlet. I met Beth as one of my first experiences at the gym, learning to use the equipment. Beth made me feel like I could really do this. She set me up on the Fitlinx circuit and showed me how to use the cardio equipment. I had several issues when I started. I had only one kidney, I had collapsed a lung a couple of times and had a shoulder injury. Beth took all of these into account when she set me up and worked with me.

I made the commitment to go to the gym everyday. I tried to kill myself figuring that 'no pain no gain.' Well, for me, it took Beth explaining that 'no pain no gain' doesn’t mean overdo it everyday. She explained the difference between pain due to injury and pain due to fatigue. Well, then I knew I needed the benefit of someone who really knows what to do and how. I signed up to work with Beth once a week with a friend. I started to feel so much better about myself, and started to look so much better that my husband decided he wanted to work out with me too. I now lift weights with Beth three times a week; once by myself, once with my husband, and once with my friend. I do cardio on my own other days of the week. Beth has talked me through nutrition and takes a real interest in how I am doing. I have lost 40 pounds, with still more to go, but I feel that the progress is there and I will attain the goal I have set for myself. My endurance is so much better that I can even keep up with my kids (My son is 15 and my daughter is about to turn 6).

I feel that without the encouragement and expertise of Beth, I probably would have given up a while ago. I know that it took me a lifetime to put the weight on, but we all know that we want instant gratification in taking it all off. I have another 40 pounds to take off but I know I can do it!"

Mary Robinson

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